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I am a Front-End Mobile and Web Developer

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Projects I am currently working on

Here are some websites and apps that I am currently working on. If you see an app on here that you would like to test send me an email via the contact page and I will get back to you and see if I can get a testflight code for you.

  • Trip Planner

    A platform I am creating to allow creative professionals to create a network, be found, and show their portfolio however they want.

  • Creekside and Snow Lodge Apartments
    Creekside and Snow Lodge Apartments

    Found this apartment complex and the website was still using flash. Updated the look of the website and made it responsive so I would work with all devices including mobile devices.

  • Culaditutor

    I am currently working on a new app for the iPad. It is a a kitchen app and will release it when I have finished it and it is on the app store.

Where else can I reach you?

You can always reach me via the contact page on this website however if social media is more of your style feel free to reach me on Twitter where I am the most active.

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I am a Mobile Developer, Web Developer, and Graphic Designer. This site is to showcase my work. Please explore my website and let me know what you think